Alder & Ash Mixtape #1: Folk (ish)

Inspiration // Influences

For my next trick I'm going to link to some rad as fuxk artists doing some incredible / inspiring / beautiful things. Is it all folk music? Not really. Is it music for folks? Sure.

Some notable facts:

Wave by Huun-Huur-Tu was my most-played song of 2017, and I think it's a modern masterpiece.
Gagaku (Kunaicho Gakubu) is more doom than you or your detuned guitar will ever be.
Terje Isungset's "Winter Songs" featured ice instruments, including an ice guitar and ice horn.
On tour with Foonyap in EU starting May 15th!

The List

Michiyo Yagi - Rouge / The Bicycle Ride
Kunaicho Gakubu - Seigaiha
The Silk Road Ensemble - Summer In The High Grassland
Huun-Huur-Tu & The Bulgarian Voices Angelite - Wave
respectfulchild - Trickle
Terje Isungset & Lena Nymark - Live 2014
Hossein Alizadeh - Aftab
Dead Can Dance - Summing of the Muse
Espen Jorgensen - Move Ahead Quickly
FOONYAP - Mourning Coup

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